Business Incentive Recovery

Are you part of the 95%

of the companies not taking advantage of these incentives & credits? 

R&D Tax Credit

In 1981, The Economic Recovery Tax Act (ERTA) was passed as an incentive to encourage investments within the United States.  President Obama made these credits permanent.


When companies create products that are durable, reliable, faster, lighter and less expensive, The Research and Development Tax Credits can be applied.  If a company is trying to grow their business, expand it, manufacture something, improve an existing product, or are just being creative in making themselves more competitive, they likely qualify. 


The savings this generates is then available to be re-invested back into the business.  However, out of 1.78 million corporate tax returns in the US, only 20,000 claimed any of these business tax incentives.

BGR Account Executives in partnership with Business Incentive Solutions, the tax and incentive program specialists, have helped more than 5,000 businesses claim these lucrative tax credits & incentives. 

Don't just take my word for it. 

This is what

Senator Chuck Grassley

says about R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits

Recent Success Stories

Dental Office

S Corp - 1 Shareholder -10 Employees

Houston, TX

$81,000 in Federal Incentives


Commercial Construction Company

S Corp - 4 Shareholders - 50+ Employees

Long Beach, CA & the Western States

$262,000 in Federal & State Incentives


Tool & Die Company

S Corp - 2 Shareholders - 100 Employees

San Diego, CA

$1.2Million in Federal & State Incentives

Architectural Firm

S Corp - 2 Shareholders-14 Employees

Newport Beach, CA

$155,000 in Federal & State Incentives


Chiropractor Office

Sole Proprietor - 10 Employees

Philadelphia, PA

$47,700 in Federal Incentives


Coin Stamping Business

LLC - 2 Partners - 3 Employees

Westminster, CA

$44,000 in Federal & State Incentives